TSIDKENU: Announce New Vocalist Edgar Soriano

Tsidkenu presents their new singer Edgar Soriano
The Honduran progressive metal band Tsidkenu, has announced this week their new singer Edgar Soriano, who joins a new era of the band just in the days that the band celebrates 25 years.

After several months of announcing the departure of Saul Vasquez, who sang on the album Últimos Tiempos and the single Sin Mañana, the band Tsidkenu presents a new frontman, a young and little known artist in the metal scene of his country, which has been a most interesting surprise for the band’s fans.

Influenced by power metal bands such as Stratovarious, Saratoga, Sonata Arctica, and Leo Jimenez, Tsidkenu’s new singer, Edgar Soriano, originally from the city of Danli, arrives with 29 years of age to Tsidkenu as the third official singer in the band’s history, and will be the voice of the awaited album “Apocalipsys Magna”, the third of the band and the first for Edgar.

According to an interview for the band’s website, his musical training began as a teenager in a church in his hometown, and in recent years he has been the singer of his own band with Nahum Rodriguez (Tsidkenu’s photographer), who recommended him to be the singer of the band.

Edgar Soriano says: “Very excited, anxious, like a dream, I always admired Tsidkenu since I heard them for the first time, they have always been great musicians, I never thought I would be signed by them, for me it is a musical growth, I have great expectations and I hope to do my best for Tsidkenu’s fans”.

After 25 years of existence, Tsidkenu has become one of the main bands of the metal scene in their country and with a lot of international acceptance in recent years after the album Ultimos tiempos, sharing the stage with important bands like Rhapsody of Fire. The long awaited album “Apocalipsys Magna”, will be released this year with only the lead vocals still to be recorded, so the news of having a new singer keeps the band’s followers with expectations.


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