JESSE SPRINKLE: Releases Universes Collection

Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Old Lu, Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Starflyer 59) Invites Us To His “Universes”
Available To Buy On CD And Digital Now Through The Charon Collective  
The Charon Collective wants to announce the awesome news that we’re working with the legendary Jesse Sprinkle! Yes… THAT Jesse Sprinkle… the one and only who has shared the stage with musical cornerstones like Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, Morella’s Forest, Starflyer 59, and Poor Old Lu. Not to mention that he played on too many Tooth and Nail albums to even name here as a session musician.

“Universes” is a collection of 14 of Jesse’s favorite tunes he’s worked on over the past few years. There’s no real way to fit Sprinkle into any genre, with his forays into everything from hip-hop to lo-fi indie and alternative rock. You’ll hear influences that range from his work in Poor Old Lu to Beck, and even Everlast.

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Check out the video for the single “The Wonder And The Beauty” from Jesse Sprinkle now!

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