MXPX: Headlining Furnace Festival

MxPx To Headline Furnace Fest 2023 with Turnstile, Bane, and Pennywise
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Headlining Friday, September 22, 2023 New Music Coming Soon – Stay Updated at

MxPx is also set to play When We Were Young Festival 2023 All Tickets HERE

BREMERTON, WA | February 21, 2023:

MxPx graced the cover of Heaven’s Metal Magazine, Issue #55 (in 1995).

MxPx is gearing up for a busy 2023! Today, the band announced they will be headlining Furnace Fest in Birmingham, AL this Fall, closing the first night on September 22, 2023. Other headliners on the fest include Turnstile, Bane, and Pennywise. With new music on the way, the band plans to be making more appearances this year, including the highly raved-about When We Were Young Festival in 2023 alongside Blink-182 and Green Day.   Furnace Fest is a punk and hardcore festival that gathers the largest bands from these aforementioned scenes over the past 30 years, into one big 3-day festival that happens once a year. They also pull bands out of retirement to play reunion shows that people thought would never happen (Bane, Kid Ninety Pound Wuss, Chasing Victory, etc) and are in the pulse of breakout bands that are Grammy-nominated as of 2023 (Turnstile). It is a celebration and reunion of fans within the punk and hardcore community to experience their favorite bands they ever never got to see or get to tally another time seeing them in a fun and unique venue setting of Sloss Furnaces.   Mike Herrera, the singer of MxPx had this to add:   “Furnace Fest made it clear they wanted us to be part of the event. We’re thankful and excited to be part of this one!!!! When your friends tell you something matters, you listen. We did an entire tour with Relient K years ago and we’re finally gonna be able to reconnect, I’m looking forward to it. Fletcher from Pennywise once used our drummer Yuri as a bowling ball in Australia, true story!!! Jeff from Ninety Pound Wuss did screams on The Theme Fiasco from our Buffalo album. There are so many friends on here, Anberlin, Ghoti Hook, too many to name with so many stories about each so Im stopping there. We got a new record on the way and we’re playing Furnace Fest. Celebrate with us in September!”   MxPx is a punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington that started in 1992, playing shows in backyards, local VFW halls, and bars they weren’t old enough to drink in. They went on to sell millions of records, tour the world, and become one of the forerunners of the pop-punk movement. Now 30 years and running into a legendary career, MxPx has learned a thing or two from success and failure. Here’s the secret. Focus on the fans, love your fans, but never compromise your art. Oh, and it actually helps to like your bandmates.   If the story stopped today, MxPx would be remembered as a band that inspired many. Countless bands thank them for helping them get a start or a leg up in this ruthless industry, and then even more fans thank them for being the soundtrack to their lives. But that’s just up until now, and it’s not over yet. They still got a voice and a lot to say, and have been writing and recording new songs for the world to hear.  

More About MxPx: MxPx still tours the world, just on their own schedule and completely on their own terms. They’ve been with major labels, they’ve been with independent labels, and they’ve done it on their own without labels. They’ve been the headlining band, they’ve been the opening band, they’ve played just about every major worldwide festival, and they’ve seen the world living a dream. MxPx has an RIAA-certified gold record (1998’s Slowly Going The Way of the Buffalo), they got the key to the City of Bremerton (for real, there are pictures to prove it), they were in a Super Bowl commercial, recorded the theme song of a major motion picture (Scooby-Doo, 2002), they own their recording studio (Monkey Trench Studios), and that’s just the beginning of the list.  

The band has released ten full-length albums, alongside an even longer list of EPs, compilations, b-sides, and singles. “Let’s Ride,” released in 2018, has become one of the band’s most popular songs; a rare feat for a band this far into its career. It was later featured in Tony Hawk’s 2020 Pro Skater remaster which opened them up to an even wider worldwide audience.   

MxPx was also one of the most active bands during the COVID pandemic, frequently playing live (not pre-recorded) shows on the internet, and interacting with fans in real-time as they did it. “We wanted to be there when people needed us to be,” said Mike Herrera. MxPx plans to continue these shows even with the return of in-person concerts.  

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