LES CARLSEN: Receives 3 Awards For Video

Check out this video from Les’ debut solo album, which won an award.

Les shares about the song: “The song ‘River’ is a very personal track inspired by our granddaughter, River Ellen, who was in the NICU for many days after she was born. I spent time beside her, held her little hand and prayed hard. With tubes and wires all over her tiny little form, she still managed to exude joy with her infectious smile. Sitting beside her reminded me of sitting by a river and contemplating the wonder of our creator. He brings peace and calm to troubled souls.”

Music Credits: Les Carlsen- Lyrics and Melody, Vocals, Guitar, Production Paul Jackson- Guitars, Outro Craig Church- Guitars, Solo David Zaffiro- Guitar Ricky B. Rogers- Bass Dan Needham- Drums Joyce Carlsen- Recording Engineer, Production Wyatt Oates- Mixing Engineer Ted Jensen- Mastering

Video Credits: C.G. Ryche- Production, Camera, Editing Sean Silas- Drone Joyce Carlsen/Bonnie Gonzales- Costumes

About the awards: “My film director @C.G. Ryche submitted “River” to @Accolade Global Film Competition and we received 3 awards!” #cgrychefilms #musicvideo #drone #dronephotography #coolstuff #wateroflife #hescoming

Les’ Facebook post about the awards.

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