FILM NOIR: Release Old Material

Female Fronted Film Noir (Society’s Finest) Unleash “Old Material”
Available To Buy On CD And Digital Now Through The Charon Collective    
Capra. Dying Wish. Oathbreaker. Employed To Serve. Sharptooth.

Female- fronted metalcore and hardcore bands are not as hard to come by these days as they were twenty years ago. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it wasn’t as commonplace to see a female taking the lead front stage in the “core” genres. Bands like Walls of Jericho and Still Breathing are two that come to mind. But they weren’t the only ones.

One band that helped break the mold was Film Noir out of the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. They were the only metalcore band in the entire Metroplex at the time that was fronted by a female. And they definitely could hold their own, sharing the stage with the likes of Evelynn, Headnoise, Letter 12, Scaterd Few, Beauty To Ashes, and many more.

Film Noir was made up of vocalist Elizabeth Morales, who dug much deeper into her soul lyrically than most would have the courage to do. Guitarist Daniel Clark and Bassist Daniel Barton went on to play in Society’s Finest, and now you can hear why. The band was rounded out by Christopher Sandoval, who ducked out of the music scene to pursue other life paths.

“Old Material” features the only three songs ever recorded by the quartet. They were recorded in Guitarist Daniel Clark’s bedroom on a 4-track recorder in his childhood home in 2002. The analog tape captures the raw intensity you can hear emanating from your speakers. Film Noir might not be as well known as other groups in the scene, but they definitely helped pave the way for future female-fronted heavy bands. 

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