WIDOWS & ORPHANS: Release Swan Songs

Widows & Orphans Deliver Swan Song “With Love, From The Lost Boys”
Available to Stream or Buy Through The Charon Collective    

Whether it’s KISS or Disney, there’s always talk of pulling things out of “The Vault.” Many longtime music artists and movie studios talk of these treasure troves filled with unreleased music and film footage that fans and completists would love to get their hands on. Widows & Orphans would love for their story of lost tracks to be that glamorous.

Truth be told, the two unreleased Widows & Orphans tracks found on “With Love, From The Lost Boys” were basically thrown in a drawer at one of the members’ houses and forgotten after the group disbanded suddenly in 2007. 16 years later somebody finally decided to clean out that junk drawer and discovered these wonderful gems.

“Death Is the Best Keeper of Secrets (I Finally Realized Paul Rudd Is an Important Part of My Life)” and “Smooth Move, Alexander Graham Bell (Christmas Song)” were both recorded at the same time as their debut full length, “Everything is Gold” for Dollhouse Recordings. They were produced by the band and recorded and mixed by Dave Dreesen at Jacketweather Studios in Austin, TX. The tracks were used to secure a record deal with Blood and Ink Records. Unfortunately, the group broke up before they could record more songs.

The final track, “Alpha (Instrumental),” was recorded very recently when Widows & Orphans unsuccessfully attempted to reunite. What was left from those sessions were guitar, bass, and drums which were produced by Morgan Vincent Hochstetler (Keyodis). This marks the final composition written specifically for the band and completes the journey of Widows & Orphans.

“With Love, From The Lost Boys” is set to release on March 24th on CD and digital through all your favorite streaming outlets. If you enjoy bands like At The Drive-In, Sparta, The Blood Brothers, or the likes, you’ll no doubt embrace Widows & Orphans. 

You can purchase and stream “With Love, From The Lost Boys” from Widows & Orphans right now here.

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Check out the official music video for “Death Is The Best Keeper Of Secrets” from right now!

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