“We tried to give our cult following what they want, but allow new listeners to grasp onto our future.” – Dawson Scholz, The Ongoing Concept on Again
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On their 2023 comeback record Again, The Ongoing Concept once again rally around an unpredictable hybrid of metal, hardcore, prog, and alternative powered by the re-instated core of brothers Dawson Scholz [vocals, guitar], Kyle Scholz [vocals, keys, percussion], and Parker Scholz [drums] along with TJ Nichols [bass] and Andy Crateau [vocals, guitar].

Now, the band deliver their fourth full-length offering, Again, taking stock of the journey so far and utilizing it as a springboard to vault ahead.

“We wanted to go back to our roots,” states Dawson. “The goal was to do an homage to our earlier albums, while moving forward. We tapped into the old mindset and combined it with where we’re at now. If we were going to get back together, we knew it couldn’t be underwhelming. We needed to give the fans music that was on par with what we were doing a decade ago, but evolved.”

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