SIGNUM REGIS: Releasing New Version of The Reckoning

As reported here last week… (in a post about their new single)

The melodic metal band SIGNUM REGIS will release a new version of their fourth album “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” in digital format on May 19th via Ulterium Records. The album is remixed and remastered by Filip Koluš and features lead vocals by the current Signum Regis vocalist Jota Fortinho.


Ronnie König of Signum Regis comments:
“‘Chapter IV: The Reckoning’ has been our best selling album. Despite the success we felt like the full sonic and production potential was not reached when we released it in 2015. They say it’s never too late to make things right, so after 8 years since the release we are releasing a new version of this album that we are really excited about. It’s not just a remaster. The songs were re-recorded to a large degree. The drums are completely re-recorded, some other instrumental parts too and the big thing are the vocals as our current singer Jota Fortinho recorded his takes of the vocals. Some songs sounds so fresh now, that they will not only energize new fans but also the fans of the old release. But don’t worry! Mayo Petranin who was the lead singer back then is still a part of this re-release. Many of his backing vocals are used in this version and there will also be a special version of this album with his lead vocals released at a later stage.”

There will be a physical release later too, but we don’t know when exactly yet.
When Freedom Fails (Version 2023)”, the first single from the album is available on all digital outlets. 

Ronnie‘s comment about the the song “When Freedom Fails
“It is an uptempo song that seems to be resonating with the fans of bands like Helloween/Gamma Ray. High pitched melodic vocals, fast guitar riffing, playful bass lines and a lot of double bass pedals underneath that. It was written almost 10 years ago, but it looks like this song is more up to date than back then. Loss of freedom, persecution, psychopathic politicians ruling the nations, balkanisation, surveillance, AI on the rise, isn’t that what we have going on right now? You bet it is. I wish this song was less prophetic than it turned out to be.”


If you live in the area, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to see Signum Regis live this year 😉

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