Burial Extraction Debuts “A Shadow Of Things To Come” Album
Available to stream or buy through all digital outlets    

Burial Extraction is self-described as “brutal old school metal.” Made up of vocalist / guitarist / bassist Brian Lyda and session drummer / guitarist / producer Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty, Crowned In Sorrow) you can expect raging songs in the vein of Obituary, early-day Mortification, and other bands of that nature.

Lyda expanded on the Texas-based thrashing death metal onslaught known as Burial Extraction.

“30 years ago, I started a death metal band in high school. We all grew up and moved on, but I never stopped thinking about wanting to record and release my music. I’ve been working on just that for the last couple of months!”

You can purchase and stream “A Shadow Of Things To Come” from Burial Extraction right now here.

Find your favorite streaming outlet to listen to the album right here.

Get more info about Burial Extraction and other bands and projects from The Charon Collective here.


Check out the official music video for “Victory Over Death” from Burial Extraction right now!
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