Deny the Fallen have returned with a brand new 8 song release that will definitlely hit the mark for many a metal head in 2023. It’s been 4 years since their debut album was released and for some of us we started to wondered if it would be a one off. With a sound not unlike modern day metal juggernaut Mastodon.

With their latest release, Echo Chamber, Deny the Fallen have established themselves as a force to reckon with. Crushing guitar with powerful riffs, intricate melodies that demand you give a listen.  Solid production that sounds clean, crisp and punchy, courtesy of Jonathan Johnson. Oh yeah he is also the guitarist and principal songwriter!  A jack of many trades and in this case he excels in the duties he’s taken on. A former guitar player for Sacred Warrior.

Not to be overshadowed vocalist extraordinaire Rey Parra shines once again! For the uninitiated Rey used to sing for a little known powerhouse of a band also called Sacred Warrior. His vocals on this album show once again that Rey continues to get better with age. His tone, control, depth and emotion enhance and bring a light to the songs that scream memorable.

Echo Chamber opens with two brand new tracks first being the title track. This bruiser slams with strong and powerful riffs and pounding drums, yet memorable. “To Live Again” is slightly more melodic but no shortage of power. The subtlety of the some of the guitar parts adds  to overall power while Rey belts out a message of determination and commitment.

We next get the first of two digital singles released last year, “Eye of the Hurricane” is up and this track just pummels with its powerful melodic goodness. The combination of Rey hitting the hook and Jon’s guitar part directly after that is sheer madness. A hook indeed! “Point of No Return” is up next and while it gets heavier with the metallic guitar Rey delivers one of his best performances on this album. His range and dynamics deliver the freight.

“If It Costs Me My Life” is up next, the second of two digital tracks released last year.  I’m glad both of them appear on this release. It’s a great song period. A swirling mix of heaviness with fabulous vocals that cut through the musical assault. For those who still haven’t heard Deny the Fallen please don’t confuse them with Sacred Warrior or any other 80s act. This is a full on modern metal assault that is sure to please. A great hook with heavy riffs.

Now there are two cover tracks included here.  Many of us heard these via Deny the Fallen’s Facebook page.  A preview was given for everyone during the mixing.  The first is a Stryper track, “Sing Along Song” taken from ‘To Hell With the Devil.’ Some will balk “It’s Stryper…blech”, well don’t get your panties in a wad. This version is heavy, melodic and they just blast it out of the park. Rey handles the Michael Sweet part with ease.  Jonathan grooves on the guitar and make no mistake there is solid vibe of heaviness here.

The second cover is a King’s X entitled ‘Mission.’ This buried gem is from the houston trio’s second release the classic “Gretchen Goes to Nebraska.” The lyrical message is strong and clear, the mission of the church isn’t prospertiy, it’s worship and service. Jonathan handles the lead vocal on this one and does he handle the vocals well!  His range and tone are really close to King’s X bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick. This rousing rendition just bleeds righteous anger and power.  Absolutely killer!

The final track we have is a guitar instrumental, almost just a tag entitled “Reflection.” Clocking in at a minute and thirty nine seconds a reflection is what it is and this EP ends.

This is one of the finest releases of 2023 and apparently Deny the Fallen has two more EP’s planned for release this year! If you want something heavy with melody and excellent production elements this EP is for you!  Echo Chamber from Deny the Fallen will be available from Roxx Records for us physical media hounds, and through digital platforms world wide.  Grab a copy, play it and enjoy the ride. I know I am.  

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