GATE ZERO: Raises Over $200K In 3 Days

Bible-Based Video Game GATE ZERO Smashes Expectations on Kickstarter by Raising Over $200k in the First 3 days

New Video Game Concept Brings Scripture to Life Through a Story-Rich,

Bible Exploration Video Game Experience.

MOSS, NORWAY Gate Zero, a Bible exploration video game, launched their first Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, June 6 and reached 100% of their funding goal within the first 79 hours, raising $200,000.  Now, with a week left in the campaign, Gate Zero has raised over $272,000 by over 3200 backers.

Gate Zero is a story-rich Bible exploration video game that takes you back in time to explore the fascinating historical world of 1st century Israel, interact with gospel stories and examine the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words.  Arve Solli, producer and designer of Gate Zero shares, “Our goal is take players back to the source and allow them to experience the message of Jesus in a modern and immersive way.”

Gate Zero has already attracted attention from the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which did a feature on their show 700 Club Interactive on June 6 and more recently, Faithwire. The game has also been shared and streamed by various prominent Christian content creators and gaming ministries, including popular gaming site, that states “Gate Zero draws inspiration from the timeless stories of the Bible and weaves together faith, mystery, and revelation into an enthralling narrative.

Hundreds of supportive comments pour in across Gate Zero’s social media platforms daily from a broad Christian audience that sees the value in a high-quality video game that can help youth dive into the Bible in an immersive and interactive way, and also be used as a missionary tool. Gate Zero has over 150k followers and subscribers across all platforms, with over 10 million views on TikTok alone.

“Our team fully believe in the powerful medium of gaming and its role in engaging, educating and inspiring youth today,” continues Arve. Studies are showing that biblical literacy is in a crisis. Kids simply just don’t know, or aren’t interested in, the Bible. Our prayer is that this project will help change that trajectory. We are confident that Gate Zero will be a compelling, entertaining way for young adults to encounter Scripture in a new way.”  

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