THE BURNING PARIS: Release New Album

The Burning Paris Return with First Album in 20 Years
“Everything is Broken & I Don’t Feel a Thing” available on CD
“Everything is Broken & I Don’t Feel a Thing” is the first studio album in over 2 decades from Beverly, Massachusetts’ THE BURNING PARIS.

Known in the early-mid 2000’s for a unique sound marked by glacially-paced arrangements, somnambulic, shoegaze-ish vocal treatments, and classical instruments woven tastefully between otherwise-traditional rock instruments, the 2023 incarnation of THE BURNING PARIS picks up precisely where it all left off, nary missing a beat.

From the delicate establishing notes and the very first line (“Wake me when it’s done”) of “Merganser,” the album’s opener, it should be clear to prior fans of the band that this is but a continuation. For those encountering the band for the first time, the sound remains prescient and distinctive when held up against all that has come before and what will come after “Everything is Broken & I Don’t Feel a Thing.”

Sometimes it takes the absolute bleakest, most existential albums possible to be the proverbial silver lining in whatever we go through in this life. THE BURNING PARIS has once again delivered the goods.

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