Something must be in the Swedish water. Sweden’s ratio of talented metal musicians to its citizenry must be off the charts. For such a small country, it sure puts out an extraordinary amount of solid hard rock and metal music. From Europe to Evergrey, the Swedish bands are all top-notched, polished, melodic, and influential.

And sitting near the top of the Swedish power-metal mountain is the blatantly Christian, Signum-Regis. Formed in 1987, this band has consistently produced high-quality power metal in the vein of Stratovarius, Helloween, and Angra. 2023 has them teaming with producer extraordinaire, Jacob Hansen (Evergrey, Kamelot, Anubis Gate) to deliver the finest release yet, Undivided.

Power-metal isn’t what it used to be. When Dragonforce took over the power-metal crown, the genre consisted of uplifting vocals, fast drums, shimmering keyboards, and shred guitar. Bands like Angra, Theocracy, and Signum Regis have injected a bit of thrash and progressive elements into the power-metal algorithm to concoct something new and fresh. So while falling into the power-metal genre, Signum-Regis makes sure these other influences shine through brilliantly.

Undivided is a 10 track juggernaut of an album. Starting with the amazing Daniel’s Prophecy and finishing with the Maidenesque epic Shield My Soul, Undivided offers a spectrum of progressively tinged, expertly crafted songs. The five-man lineup flexes their musical acumen throughout. The production is amazing as expected from Jacob Hansen. One can buy records based on his name being in the credits and never be disappointed.

Signum Regis is:

Jota Fortinho – Lead and backing vocals

Filip Koluš – Guitars

Ronnie König – Bass

Ján Tupý – Keyboards, backing vocals

Jaro Jančula – Drums

Summary: For fans of Theocracy, Helloween, Angra, Firewind, Dream Theater. Undivided is a modern metal mission of musical melodic muscle. Highly recommended!

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