ELOHIMS STERNE: Releases New Music

Introducing an artist you may not have heard of yet. Silas Fiausch,l is a 41 year old from Lower Austria. He has been a guitarist for over 30 years, is a follower of Christ, a new born christian, who confesses Jesus Christ is his lord and savior­.

He just released a new album called “Erzengel” by “ELOHIMS STERNE”.
The album was released october 10, 2023.
The work is atmospheric, energetic, very heavy and the perfect blend of black and thrash metal. The sound is bright, clear, dynamic and very powerful.

This prolific artist has already produced over 100 albums with all his projects together:

The Eden Expansion, The Lion Elohim, Sonne der Gerechtigkeit, Devil In Chains, Coding The Machine, Elohims Sterne.

The last album is called “Eden” which was released last month. It´s influenced by cyberpunk and synthwave and it´s very melodic.

He has also produced symphonic metal – listen to the album called “Seraphim” or watch out for the november album which is comming soon.

In 2023 he released an LP or an EP every month.

Album: Erzengel


1. Drachenfeind
2. Fausthieb gegen Satan
3. Feuergewalt
4. Zorniger Morgenstern
5. Salbe mich mit Kraft



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