BOBFEST: Returning in 2024 For a Final Reunion

In the spring of 2024 25 years will have passed since the first edition of the metal festival Bobfest was held. That is something that is worth celebrating. For one day and night you can re-experience the warm and heartful atmosphere that was Bobfest. If you missed the festival totally, now is your chance to be part of the Bobfest family for real. Between 1999 and 2005 there were seven editions of Bobfest. The festival started in Stockholm and then moved to Linköping. During those years around 50 different bands, from Sweden, Europe, USA and Asia were playing at the festival.

The biggest audience came during the last year of the festival when the American thrash metal masters in Tourniquet were headlining with a concert that they later released on DVD.

Since day one Bobfest has always been more than just great concerts. Great community and church services have always been an important part of the festival. Together with the American metal pastor Bob Beeman (aka Pastor Bob) the Bobfest-team created a concept where the focus was as much to meet God, share communion and worship as head banging to metal music.

Now when Bobfest is back it is with the same concept as it was then. Expect an afternoon filled with community and great teachings followed by a night of celebration where five classic Bobfest bands will play. But don’t hesitate; this is a “limited edition” event, so the tickets will run fast. So make sure that you secure your ticket in time to this historic event!

See you at Bobfest!

Participating bands: Veni Domine (exclusive reunion gig), Narnia, Crimson Moonlight, Pantokrator, Leonov (NO)

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