KEYODIS: Release Debut Album

Keyodis Releases Debut Album “The W”
Texas Trio Brings the Southern Rock Noisecore to the Masses

Up from the ashes of Austin, TX post-hardcore darlings Widows & Orphans and Houston, TX’s Scarlett O’Hara comes Keyodis. The trio unleashes their 11 track debut, “The W,” through The Charon Collective. Widows & Orphans and The Kirby Guitarists Colin Hobbs and Anthony Kroeker return with a renewed passion and reinvigorated objective to continue their complex and unique musical journey. This new endeavor takes the frenzied and fierce approach the duo are known for and add a new unique element in the guise of vocalist Morgan Vincent Hochstetler (Scarlett O’Hara).

The album is available now on CD, Vinyl, or Digital download.

You can purchase or stream “The W” from Keyodis now right here.

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Get more info about Keyodis and other bands and projects from The Charon Collective here.Check out the official music video for the single “The Womb” from Keyodis! 

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