Oh my! This Finnish metal band is really good. This album was recorded and mixed in Kotka, Finland by the band themselves. The creation of this album was a four year process, recording and composing as they wished (instead of under schedule pressures).

Fans of Demon Hunter’s heavy stuff should love these songs. The throbbing and melodic riffs Fans of Rob Zombie and even Nine Inch Nails will also gravitate to these songs as well. Circle of Dust and Klank fans will so appreciate the wall of rapid distortion that blasts hard, heavy, and frequent in this release. They transition from abrasive sandpaper grit riffage to smooth melodic soloing in a heartbeat. Vocals range from distorted industrial grind to almost death metal, depending on the mood and the song. Not exactly stylistic schizophrenia, but certainly a synergy of musical emotion.

Steel Star is produced well. Each instrument shines. It’s a good mix of clean sounds and dirty grit. It’s also fun to hear sci-fi / Star Wars blips and beeps in “S.Y.V.O.L.”

The lead-off track, “Sound of Cruel Land,” stakes their chaotic identity right away, showing their ability to attack with guitars ablaze and then slow down to ember the flames before ratcheting it up again.

The title track shows the band’s tightness in dialing in a groove. The slamming verses come off with the power of a faux-political rally. Short bursts of massive power. This is where they’ll seek out and imprison the Demon Hunter fan with reasons to pay close attention.

“All Out Freefall” starts off with an infectious riff and chant-like verse delivery. Outstanding track.

If an action movie like the Fast & Furious series needs soundtrack material for that entering a hopping club scene, they should tap these guys.

I think this could be the surprise find for many metal fans this year. This is too good to pass up. Check out these guys now.

Check out the band’s Facebook page here.

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