MATT SASSANO: Launches Full Armor Ministry

Matt Sassano launches nonprofit Full Armor Ministry for Giving Tuesday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — This Giving Tuesday week, rising Christian rock artist Matt Sassano has launched a nonprofit called Full Armor Ministry. Anyone interested in making a tax-deductible donation to fuel his mission can donate via PayPal to

“I’m really excited that we are officially a 501c3, Full Armor Ministry. This means that we can take our vision and mission to the next level!” Matt Sassano shares. “I find that transparency is the key ingredient in many people’s healing journey. I come from a pastor’s home. I got to see many good aspects of that life, and I am still a strong believer. But my situation came with a lot of hidden family hurt, dysfunction, and physical and mental abuse that was swept under the rug for many years. I think that lack of transparency and honesty made me want to be the polar opposite. Hopefully that is obvious through my music and all that I do.”

Full Armor Ministry will be the umbrella that holds the full picture of that transparent approach to life, an approach that has made a massive impact through songs like “Not My Name,” “Dear God” and “Fuel.”

“I’ve seen many people who society labels as a ‘lost cause’ come forward to express that our events helped begin their healing process. Many people with disabilities, mental health issues, and drug abuse backgrounds have now started their own outreach groups or benefits,” Sassano reflects in awe. “I’ve been very fortunate to travel the nation to perform and speak to many drug recovery groups over the past few years. I’ve also participated in events in maximum security prisons. I hear so many stories of how our events inspired them to get clean from drugs, reconnect with their estranged loved ones, or make a significant change in their lives.”

The singer continues, “I want to hear more stories like, because of Full Armor, I decided to get clean. Because of Full Armor, I decided to come forward with the abuse I had secretly been facing. Because of Full Armor, I decided to hit the gym and take control of my physical health as well as mental. Because of Full Armor, I was inspired to do better as a mother or father for my kids. This movement is bigger than me.”

Matt Sassano has a vision to continue bringing his story and his songs into prisons, recovery groups, and schools, where he will continue sharing about his journey through disabilities, mental health challenges, bullying and abuse. 

That vision can only come to fruition through the support of like-minded people who believe in similar causes. That’s why Full Armor launched just in time for Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity. In addition to donating to on PayPal, you can support by purchasing Matt Sassano merch at

“This is really my way of giving back,” Sassano concludes. “I am living proof that you can turn it around. I went from a mental ward patient who had a history of self-harm to a mental health worker that was helping people through their own battles. That really is my goal: to inspire those who society deems a lost cause to see their own potential to be a champion.”

Go to PayPal to donate. For more from Matt Sassano, go to

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