DURER: Releases New EP

DURER releases third EP “Beyond The Firmament”

December 1, 2023. Visions Press and Thumper Punk Records are excited to jointly announce the release of “Beyond The Firmament,” a new 5 song EP from art-house punk duo DURER. This is the sound of a band honing their craft to a fine art, regardless of the time and effort it takes. This is what it sounds like to confront the unsettling state of the world with a righteous anger. This is the sound of LIFE breaking through the drudgery of that everyday reality. This is DURER. Download & 7″ Preorder North America: https://thumperpunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-firmament Download & 7″ Preorder Rest of World: https://visionspress.bandcamp.com/album/vp33-beyond-the-firmament Beyond The Firmament is available from VisionsPress and Thumper Punk Records, and all major digital retailers.

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