TSIDKENU: Drops New Singles

Progressive Metal band Tsidkenu releases two new singles

The progressive Christian metal band from Honduras, TSIDKENU, has released two new singles.

After almost 26 years, the progressive metal band Tsidkenu, continues to be a reference of rock and metal music in their country, more and more their name sounds in metal circles internationally.

Recently, the band Tsidkenu presented two new singles, “En el Nombre de Dios” (In the name of God) on December 2 and “El Tiempo No Da Más” (Time Gives No More) on Saturday, December 9.

These songs, besides being part of the third album Apocalypsis Magna, which will be available in the coming days, is also the beginning of a new era, as it consists of a new lineup, making its official debut as vocalist of Tsidkenu, Edgard Soriano and also its new bassist Elias Octavio.

Both songs were written and composed by Hugo Durón, guitarist and founder of Tsidkenu, accompanied also by his brother, keyboardist Thomas Durón, who helped in the musical composition; and drummer Luis Montesi, being these two musicians the ones who have been in the band for the longest time accompanying its founder.

A song that confronts the different religions for the abuses to the people, becoming a controversial song, since the cover also shows a wolf in sheep’s clothing while holding a sacred book in his hands, and is accompanied by some symbols of different religions ranging from Islam to Christianity.

It seems to be an apocalyptic song, however, it is a strong criticism of human behavior and its excessive consumption of resources, which is leading to the destruction of the planet, inviting people to reflect on this. It is also one of the few Tsidkenu songs with guttural vocals, so it is a piece that will appeal not only to progressive metal fans. The cover shows an ancient monument with a burning clock, alluding to the fact that time is being consumed while everything is collapsing, an eye is also placed in the heavens, in reference to the elite groups that indiscriminately are the ones behind all the destruction and collapse of our planet because of ambition.

Tsidkenu is creating new material and projects at the highest level of what can be expected from a band based in a country with very little interest in metal music and a non-existent music industry, so they continue to make their way in other countries.

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