Signum Regis is back, now with their 3rd release (2nd full-length+EP) with this current line-up, and the maturity of the songs reflects the chemistry which has developed with these guys. Undivided since 2019’s The Seal of a New World, the debut album for vocalist Jota Fortinho, these Slovakian power metallers have been forging their songwriting and execution skills in unified metal molten fires ever since. 2021’s EP Flag of Hope was a glimpse of the band’s future direction yet may have been missed amidst the turmoil and despair of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, instead of smoldering out in the wake of the EP, Signum Regis remained undivided and undeterred. In triumphant style, they are back on the Ulterium Records label with one of the strongest metal releases of 2023. Ulterium has released Undivided on CD (jewel case) and 3 different vinyl formats (black, clear and orange/black marbled).

The duo Ronnie Konig (bass) and Filip Kotus (guitars) is clicking on every level as these two share the brunt of the songwriting responsibilities, and they may have delivered their best collection of songs to date. Fortinho has similarly matured as a singer, more confident than ever, his vocal clarity cuts through in melodic metal bliss manner. Everything sounds great thanks to Jacob Hansen.

The Songs

Ministry of Truth” exemplifies all these qualities in excess, but the consistency in quality throughout this release is noteworthy – there are no weak songs. “Interpreter of Dreams” depicts the story of Joseph in grand fashion with an improvement noted in the melodic appeal of the lyrics and sound. The professionalism in the guitar riffing and soloing in “Pilgrim Road” once again attests to the “maturity” factor.

One quality which also stands out on Undivided is the overwhelming positive vibe coming from the music. Even on songs, like “Daniel’s Prophecy” and “Servants of the Fallen One” where the subject matter is bleak, the music remains energetic, melodic and inspiring. The latter song has a killer bass riff in the mid-break-out section followed by a precision guitar solo. I just love the pace and energy of these songs and it all flows extremely well from beginning to end.

Sea of Galilee” also captures this energy and funnels it into a frenetic song about faith filled with tons of killer riffs, speed and solo shred. Guest guitarists do contribute on several of the tracks. Daniel Fries on “Pilgrim Road” and “Sea of Galilee” … and then Jimi Cimbala on “Servants of the Fallen One” and “Shield My Soul.”

The second half of the album is rife with killer songs including the galloping “Prepare for War,” the metal anthem title track “Undivided” and the Iron Maiden-like “Shield My Soul.” This latter song reminds me quite a bit of the contemporary Iron Maiden style, but Signum Regis has kept their signature style embedded in the DNA of this one, perhaps the best on the album.


The vinyl has a wonderful tone, quite different from the CD version (which is quite good). I love how the volume is low on the vinyl which allows for an amazing listening experience at both high and low volumes. I think so often these days CDs and digital music is plagued with the loudness factor which detracts so much from listening at full volume. Most of us still know how to twist a volume knob!

Metal Album of the Year?

It’s a fair question, for sure. Honestly, this may also be the best Signum Regis album to date and I keep hearing new things, so it just keeps getting better with every listen. Undivided will easily find it to the top 5 metal releases this year from my perspective – if not #1!!


1. Daniel’s Prophecy (4:28)

2. Ministry of Truth (4:48)

3. Salt of the Earth (4:46)

4. Interpreter of Dreams (3:33)

5. Pilgrim Road (4:18)

6. Servants of the Fallen One (5:14)

7. Sea of Galilee (3:47)

8. Prepare for War (6:02)

9. Undivided (4:49)

10. Shield my Soul (7:09)

11. Live Free or Die (6:12)

[*Note bonus track “Live Free or Die”]


Side A

1. Daniel’s Prophecy (4:28)

2. Ministry of Truth (4:48)

3. Salt of the Earth (4:46)

4. Pilgrim Road (4:18)

5. Prepare for War (6:02)

Side B

1. Shield my Soul (7:09)

2. Sea of Galilee (3:47)

3. Interpreter of Dreams (3:33)

4. Undivided (4:49)

5. Servants of the Fallen One (5:14)

[Note: different song order, no bonus track]

[Undivided is officially the first album this year to be doubly reviewed by Heaven’s Metal Magazine! See Brad Bowman’s review HERE]

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