MAWCORE: Releases New Album

Mawcore releases triumphant new full-length album War Cry

New collection of songs follows the release of titular single

FOR RELEASE DECEMBER 19, 2023 — Powerful rock band Mawcore has released a triumphant collection of songs with full-length album War Cry, available now through on Spotify and Apple Music, or at The album follows the release of the lead single and title track earlier this season.

“It may have been one or two songs into it that we just felt this overwhelming sense of calling,” singer Joshua Redding remembers. “It was a challenge to encourage everyone to hold on and be strong. Whatever it is that you are facing, you have been called to face. Whatever trial, tribulation or challenge we are currently dealing with, we are made for these things. We are all facing battles that seem impossible to overcome. We are troubled on every side, but instead of running in fear, we are being called to go to war with these trials.”

Redding knows that the challenges might seem overwhelming. That’s why War Cry’s songs are here to serve as a reminder: we do not face these battles alone.

“Just like the Israelites had God go before them and prepare the way, so we too have God going before us and if we allow Him to go before us, He will surely make a way for us to overcome,” the singer adds. “It harkens to the cross, where Jesus did the impossible and not only died for our sins, but also defeated death by rising from the dead. Because of God doing the impossible, through the impossible, we can proclaim our War Cry as victory.”

This album was four years in the making. Spanning a few lineup shifts in the band, the project features Joshua Redding on vocals and keyboard, Jeff Redding on guitars, Jeremy Redding on bass, Ryan Rice on drums, Chris Strupp on engineering and programming, Osvaldo Alomar on additional guitars and former members Paul Raynor and Ben Perry offering guitar and drums. Chris and Lori Peters-George (Skillet) from Ocean Studios worked on mixing the project, and Marc Frigo provided mastering. 

Musically, the forthright, timeless rock sound is the matured product of the band finding a comfortable collaborative groove. In the past few years, the band has topped the Christian rock chart three times, been in the top 10 an additional four times, garnered nominations for a Grizzly Award, four Kindred Award nominations and two wins, a WVIU radio award nomination. Their following on social media also continues to grow as more and more listeners are moved by the band’s fearless, hope-driven rock.

As Joshua Redding ardently explains it, “We have always considered it our mission and calling to reach into the world of hurting, broken, bruised and neglected. We hope that we can become a bridge between the house of Bethel and the house of Bethphage, taking the listener from the place of the unripened fig to the place where the flower blooms and healing is found.”

“Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highway and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.’”

— Luke 14:23

War Cry is sending that invitation out into the world in a bigger way than ever before.

You can get the new album on all major streaming platforms now. For more from Mawcore, follow them on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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