(UN)WORTHY: Where Light Divides

Where Light Divides
(Rottweiler Records)

(Un)worthy is a new 2-man deathcore band from Riverside, CA. While they’ve been releasing
singles since 2019 (digital only), their Rottweiler Records debut EP was released in 2023.
The release opens with “Statement of Faith,” which is precisely that. It’s a reading of the
Apostles Creed with some atmosphere keyboards underneath the spoken word piece to good
effect. The next two tracks are “Led to the Slaughter” and “Behold the Conqueror,” both of
which feature all the standards trademarks of deathcore: ultra-heavy riffs and breakdowns,
ambient passages, intense shouted/growled vocals, and some electronic elements here and

“From Corruption to Consummation” takes those elements and adds some tasty blast beats to
the equation. In fact, this might be the strongest track on the release so far. “The End of All
Things is at Hand,” by contrast trades in the blast beats for heavy riffs and also includes some
death metal style soloing. Contending for strongest song designation is EP closer, “A Decision
with Eternal Consequences,” which trades off blast beats with breakdowns for maximum
heaviness impact.

Overall, this is a great addition to the deathcore genre. While Where Light Divides may not be
revolutionary, it is in many ways groundbreaking. The combining of traditional death metal
tools like blastbeats, riffing, and soloing is a welcome change to the relentless number of artists
over-relying on breakdowns alone. And lyrically the band are strong in their presentation of the
Gospel, which is one of their stated goals. Let’s hope this 6-song EP is just a teaser of what’s to
come, and not the final say.

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