MAKE SURE: Drops Cat Video


Auburn, Alabama’s Make Sure — the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Aubrey Jackson — has dropped the video for “Comedown.” It’s adorable and features cats.

Watch it here. It features an orange tabby named Watson who goes missing, sending his owner into the sort of intense panic that any pet parent will understand in their bones. Missing feline flyers, a $10k reward, and a passionate search for his fur baby ensues. 

“With ‘Comedown,’ I wanted to pay homage to pop/rock songs I grew up listening to in the early 2000s,” Jackson says. “At face value, the song might appear to be gloomy, but to me, it’s ultimately a hopeful song about acceptance and moving towards a healthier life.”

Stay tuned for more information on Make Sure soon.

Make Sure is known for mixing intimate dream-pop and expansive folk-rock. His most recent album Ninjutsu is like getting a hug from a close friend after baring your soul to them. It captures the liberating feeling of truly knowing that someone else has walked down the same road of disappointment, awkwardness and redemption. “Talking about vague pain isn’t helpful,” Jackson says. “It’s your actual story that gives people hope.”

Speaking of hope, we at Heaven’s Metal Magazine … Well, let’s face it, me at Heaven’s Metal (Doug) hope that you don’t hate us if this music isn’t metal enough for you. The rest of the Heaven’s Metal guys probably hope that you hate me so that this sort of news doesn’t get posted again in the heavy metal future.

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