POWER WOLVES: Release New Album

Power Wolves Release New Album “The Midnight LP”

Available 01.26.24 To Purchase or Stream on CD and Digital

Power Wolves return with 10 anthems of emotion-fueled tunes that mingle together the finest qualities of new wave, pop, rock, and electronica to create a truly unique sonic experience for your ears. Taking on the new year head on with a new album, the Knoxville, TN duo self-describe themselves as “outer space new wave indie rock that hits hard.”

“The Midnight LP” features guest appearances from Richard Block (Monsters of Yacht), CJ Ogle (Hospital), Arthur Ramsey (Jonava), and Matt Huling (Radio Deadspace).

You can stream the singles and pre-order “The Midnight LP” now right here.

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Watch the Power Wolves “The Midnight LP” Official Album Trailer Now

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