KING WALUIGI: Releases New Songs

King_Waluigi Levels Up with New Album “Carmine Selects”
Available Now to Purchase or Stream on CD and Digital

One of the greatest parts of running a label is I can put out whatever I want. King_Waluigi is the brainchild of Ephraim Shirey – yes, my son. “Carmine Selects” features 10 brand new songs meant to inspire you to catch them all!

King_Waluigi brings you all original compositions for lovers of “tournament” music. Every song is from the award-winning and critically acclaimed “Carmine” fan video game designed by Ephraim, which is currently in development for diehard lovers of the beloved pocket monsters.

You can purchase or stream “Carmine Selects” now right here.

Get more info about King_Waluigi and other bands and projects from The Charon Collective here.

Watch the King_Waluigi “Carmine Selects” Official Teaser Trailer Now

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