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California metal band SILENT PLANET released their new album SUPERBLOOM last year via Solid State Records. Get it here. Today, the band has shared a deeply compelling narrative video for the title track.

Watch it here.

“We decided to make a video around an alternate interpretation of our title track ‘SUPERBLOOM’ that is largely inspired by Midsommar and the Heaven’s Gate cult suicides,” the band shares. “We teamed up with our longtime video partners Hometown Team, and collaborated on the story. We were fortunate to work with two actors who have an incredible amount of experience in the genre: Jenna Kannell (Terrifier) and Jess Matney. And a bunch of our listeners came along as extras. We feel that this video is our best work to date, and wanted to release it now to start alongside our SUPERBLOOM headline tour.”

Silent Planet are currently on a headline tour of North America. All dates are below.

2/1 — Denver, CO — Summit Music Hall2/2 — Kansas City, MO — recordBar2/3 — Springfield, MO — The Outland2/4 — Dallas, TX — South Side Music Hall2/6 — San Antonio, TX — The Rock Box2/7 — Houston, TX — RISE Rooftop2/9 — Tampa, FL — The Orpheum2/10 — Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade2/13 — Indianapolis, IN — Hi-Fi2/14 — Detroit, MI — The Shelter2/15 — Chicago, IL — Bottom Lounge2/16 — Columbus, OH — The KING of CLUBS2/17 — New Kensington, PA — Preserving Hardcore2/20 — Worcester, MA — Palladium2/21 — Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Soundstage2/22 — Greensboro, NC — Hangar 18192/23 — Nashville, TN — The Basement East

Silent Planet have consistently transfixed a diehard fanbase. The group dropped a string of acclaimed albums, including The Night God Slept [2014], Everything Was Sound [2016], When The End Began [2018], and Iridescent [2021]. Album standout “Trilogy” generated 5.3 million Spotify streams to sit alongside their genre-bending triumph “Panic Room” from the 2016 release, currently at 5 million. The guys notably took home “Best Underground Band” at the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards and toured with the likes of Motionless In White, August Burns Red, Beartooth, and The Contortionist.

Over the course of two years, they recorded what would become SUPERBLOOM in Woodland Hills, CA alongside longtime producer and frequent collaborator Daniel Braunstein. A jarring turn of events split the process into two seasons. Trekking through a Wyoming snowstorm in November 2022, Silent Planet survived a vehicle accident. The van flipped over, leaving the group laying in the wreckage of a bitter Wyoming snowstorm as Garrett was hospitalized with a fractured back and head wound requiring stitches.

“The majority of us were awake when we felt the van start to slide,” he says. “We had some time to come to grips with the fact we were about to go down and have a close brush with death. Afterwards, we talked about what to do with the band. We went back into the record with an increased willingness to take risks. It bolstered our confidence to try new things. When the accident happened, it did something to my head, and it fed into the album.”

Along the way, they settled on a conceptual framework, expanding the scope of their vision like never before. “I grew up in Northern California,” he continues. “There’s a strip of the state known as Humboldt County, but it’s called the ‘Lost Cove.’ It’s a hotbed for strange and paranormal events like UFO and Big Foot sightings. There’s so much we haven’t uncovered. It’s possible our reality as we know it is not complete. We started telling the tale of a 17-year-old who went missing. It’s based on a true story with many details changed. Art dictates reality, and reality dictates art. Making this record was a very strange and mystical process. It’s the most magical and inspired moment of our career so far.

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  1. I’m not so sure that Silent Planet is what I would consoder a definite “Christian” metal band. They have positive and thoughtful lyrics, sure, but as Christians, we are supposed to be in this world and stand apart, to be different as we are representatives of Christ and the Father YHWH. We aren’t to be perfect, which is probably not possible as we have sinful bodies and born into a sin nature and world, but we are to be noticeably “separate”. I have no doubt members of this band have faith, nor that YHWH can, will and is using this band for His ultimate purpose and glory, I just don’t know if I’d call them or consider them a “Christian” band. It would be like saying Megadeth or WASP or Alice Cooper are Christian metal bands. Great music though! Blessings!!

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