DELIVERANCE: Lineup Announcement

We are pleased to announce the return of George Rene Ochoa to Deliverance! The chemistry of Jimmy P. Brown II and George Ochoa was first felt on the Victory Tour, then going into the Weapons of our Warfare album as well as the What a Joke album following. It was inevitable for the two to return together for a Deliverance recording as well as live shows! We are excited for 2024 and beyond.

With Manny Morales and now added Phil Borrero (Eraserhead/Camelot 21/Lust Control) bringing the rhythm section to sonic thunder! This lineup proves to bring a powerful reinvigorated sound to an already established force within the metal scene! We look forward to delivering the goods to all eras of fans and beyond!

Jimmy P. Brown II
Manny Morales
George Rene Ochoa
Phil Borrero

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