AS FIRE FALLS: Release New Single

[Boise, 11/7/23] – AsFireFalls has just dropped their latest single, “Oblivion,” available for streaming on all major platforms. Stream Here:

This song is a nostalgic look at the struggle between following your own path and pleasing others. It highlights the challenge of balancing external expectations and your own aspirations, acknowledging that sometimes you need to make mistakes to learn and grow, but also knowing that taking the wrong turn can have consequences. The song touches on the disappointment of having people you care about make poor choices and the fear of ending up in the same situation. The dark ending lingers on the bittersweet feeling of knowing that someone close to you is aware of their poor choices, yet feeling like they never truly knew the extent of what you knew all along. It’s a haunting reminder of the disconnection that can arise when we don’t openly communicate our thoughts and feelings with each other.

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AsFireFalls is an innovative metalcore band driven by DIY expertise, producing their own music out of a studio in Boise, Idaho. Their blend of crushing riffs, emotive melodies, and reflective lyrics create an immersive experience for listeners.

Comprised of Kris Lindstrom (vocals), Nic Lindstrom (drums), Nick Gregory (guitar) and Jake Doster (guitar), the band has been built from a lifetime of musical collaboration between Kris and Nic Lindstrom. The chemistry that results from lifelong friendships means AsFireFalls is able to present a cohesive, well-honed sound.

The lyrics are as heavy-hitting as the sound itself.

“I mostly try to go for abstract thoughts and more thought-provoking lyrics,” singer Kris Lindstrom explains. “I like abstract imagery and things that can apply to multiple situations.”

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