PIPEBOMB: Announce New EP

Pipe Bomb Announce New EP “Stomp”


Artwork by Jonathan Zboray

Caked in blistering vocals, pummeling breakdowns, and dissonant guitar riffs, Pipe Bomb writes aggressively chaotic music for fans of early 00s metal-core bands like Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, and The Chariot. Its debut single, “False God,” hit the ground running and gained Pipe Bomb exposure on platforms like the Kingdom Core Podcast and NewReleaseToday’s Apple Music playlist “New Christian Metal.”

“Stomp” is the first EP release from Pipe Bomb and will be available to stream everywhere on February 28th, 2024. The first three singles, “False God,” “Suicide Pact,” and “Tied Down,” will be featured, as well as three new tracks.

Tracklist art by Mitchell Layton

Lyrically, the EP focuses on the nuances of the Christian walk, namely its hardships and small victories. Much like the musical content, the lyrical content is complicated and simple at the same time. Alongside heaps of existential dread come nods of optimism and sobering humility. At their heart, these songs are notes written in the margins of the Bible, working out hard truths and grappling with sin.

Photo by Steven Layton

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