Burial Extraction Bludgeons With New Single “Out of the Way”
Available Now to Purchase or Stream on CD and Digital
Burial Extraction returns to bludgeon us with their latest single “Out of the Way.” The song is another step forward, combining solid bass lines and lead solos that help accentuate the fusion of crunching riffs and melody the band has become known for. They definitely spread their wings on this one.

“Out of the Way” once again teams up founding member Brian Lyda with master producer and multi-instrumentalist Derek Corzine. It is the first of five tracks being prepared for an upcoming EP which will be available in late Spring.

“The idea [behind the song] is Christ [is] The Way. Yet, He revealed himself to us and we stay ‘Out of The Way’ instead of coming to Him,” chief songwriter and vocalist Brian Lyda shared about the concept behind the song.

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