ICONS OF INDUSTRY: Drop Two New Tracks

Icons of Industry has a couple of new tracks to kick off 2024. These songs feature several incredibly talented musicians from around the globe and were mixed by award winning engineer and producer Sefi Carmel (David Bowie, Massive Attack).

Heavy Locust

A reflection on the locust as both an agent of judgement and provision as depicted in the scriptures. The locust was used as one of the great plagues of Egypt to humble pharaoh and it was also a source of provision for John the Immerser in the wilderness. This synth-laden prog track features American flautist JaMichael Frazier.



A cinematic power-ballad about the struggles we face as humans made in the image of God. The lyrics touch on hope, resilience, and the importance of striving to make things right, both for oneself and in the broader context of our journey through life. Featuring American harpist Sarah Hall.


Manny Garcia – Drums

JaMichael Frazier – Flute

Sarah Hall – Electric Harp

Check out the Bandcamp pages for full credits.

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