GRACE GRABER: Releases New Single

“Breakthrough” is Grace Graber’s latest from the intersection of faith and mental health 

Grace Graber embraces God’s redemptive faithfulness with new single

FOR RELEASE MARCH 8, 2024 — Grace Graber continues to explore the place where faith and mental health intersect with “Breakthrough,” a single that embraces God’s redemptive timing. The single is available everywhere at

“Breakthrough” was cowritten with Jonathan Gamble (Capitol Records) and Christian Hale (Centricity Records) during a Centricity Records writing retreat. Grace recalls the song as representing a pivotal moment in her own life, when she moved from being obsessed with breakthrough on her own terms to seeing it with God’s eyes.

“It’s God who’s going to break through. It’s not me who’s going to break through,” the songwriter reflects. “In my own life, I’ve seen Him break through in the way I’ve accepted my mental illness, coming to terms with the fact that maybe the blessing looks a lot different than we pray for it to look. What if the breakthrough is God literally asking us to stay where we we’re at? Are we willing to accept that? If it’s it’s the sovereignty of God that is keeping us in a broken place, are we willing to accept that?”

Ultimately, Graber believes, surrendering to that sovereignty allows us to recognize breakthroughs that we might otherwise miss. For this Christian punk artist, that means recognizing that the fact she’s still singing is breakthrough in and of itself.

“I see the truth of provision, the truth of faithfulness, the truth of breakthrough always coming, but coming when God says it’ll come,” she says. “If the odds were what they were when I was young, if I had taken my own life, I wouldn’t be here to see all this. And I think there’s breakthrough in that, in realizing like there’s reward in staying. Music reminds me that staying was a good idea.”

“Breakthrough” was produced by Blake Cross, and will servce as the title track of her upcoming album, The Breakthrough. The album will follow up her project Conversations. The collection of songs promises to boast more collaborations in pop punk as Graber’s voice is elevated to the next level. But for her, it all comes back to the message of hope amid even the darkest mental waters, a hope in a God whose love and grace are perfected in our imperfections.

Grace Graber sums it up this way: “I think of this album as me staying true to the recovery process, staying true to the idea that if God’s going to be faithful to me, I should be faithful in this journey too.”

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