EZEKIEL VADE: Passed Into Glory

Ezekiel Vade, who many remember from his bass playing duties with the metal band Stryken, passed into glory on Monday, March 11. EZ, known to many in Austin as Uncle Sammy, Sammy Nunes, or by his given name, Jeremy Nunes, played live with Stryken many times.

He moved to Austin to play in the Paul Q-Pek Band, where he quickly joined up with the band Stryken. After the Q-Pek Band folded to make room for One Bad Pig, Sammy joined up with The Cry, who some might remember won the New Band Showcase at Cornerstone ’89. A couple of tunes from The Cry were released by Ocean Records (Light From the Underground, Volume 1) – “Pictures of Babylon” and “Mystery of Love.”

As of late he has fronted the outfit known as JJ Rapscallion. He often toured Germany and played in and around Texas.

He had this posthumous post appear on his Facebook page this past week.

Here’s a video posted on his Facebook page of JJ Rapscallion performing on Bavarian Television.

Jeremy Nunes is loved by many. His charm, wit, and warm friendship will be missed by many. I’ll never forget the time we were pulled over together for speeding. He talked his way out of the ticket by telling the officer that we were on his way to his wedding. “He’s my best man,” he pointed to me. “Show her the ring.” I did and the motorcycle copy said, “Darn! Everyone has a good excuse today.”

He left behind two sons that he was really proud of. He enjoyed a lengthy career as a firefighter with the Waco Fire Department.

Recent photo above.
Photo from the past (Q-Pek Band) below:

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  1. Stryken was one of my favorite bands he will be missed. From one bassist to another “rockin for the glory of God ” bass attack 777

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