RAINING LOCUSTS: Release New Single

Raining Locusts is made up of two well-known (dare I say veterans?) creatives in the extreme metal world. Canadian Royden Turple led the black / gothic metal onslaughts of Scarlet Oath Band and The Beckoning. Texas-based recording mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Derek Corzine is the main man at the world-renowned Corzine Studio and an active member of Testimony of Apocalypse and Burial Extraction.

Most listeners will have a hard time accurately describing Raining Locusts’s sound. Royden cites diverse influences like Lethargy, Atheist, Believer, Spiral Architect, Obscura, and early Cynic. Add to those a touch of black metal and you’re heading down the right route to their particular brand of extreme music mayhem.

“Sophistical Monstrosity” is the first single off the upcoming EP from Raining Locusts. It is a great example of what you can be expecting from the band in the near future.

You can purchase and download “Sophistical Monstrosity” from Raining Locusts right now here.

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