GRACE GRABER: Releases New Single

Grace Graber wants you to know that you’re not “Solo”

On her latest track, the pop-punk artist lends a hand to listeners in low places

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Grace Graber is letting fans know they’re not alone with “Solo,” the latest song from her upcoming album Breakthrough. The song is available everywhere at

“‘Solo’ is actually a play on words: you’re not ‘solo’ and you’re not ‘so low,’ if that makes sense,” Grace Graber explains. 

That play on words was in part the brainchild of Jonathan Gamble, who cowrote the song along with Graber and Kyle Pruzina. Blake Cross served as producer. Together, they crafted a modern punk-rock-meets-worship soundscape, asking what would happen if MGK’s sound met Christian music. There’s a grit to the track’s texture that matches the stakes of the lyrics.

“I think the pressure of having to have it all together is the hardest part. So we used the analogy of being underwater,” Graber reveals. “That pressure leaves bruises on your skin. Prayers make no sound. It’s tapping into what it feels like to be alone, and then offering this revelation of, wow, you’re not so low. It’s continuing the narrative of ‘you’re not alone in what you’re going through. There’s healing on the other side.’”

That theme flows cohesively from of Grace Graber’s last single, “Breakthrough.” That track explored the idea that sometimes breakthrough can happen exactly in the place where we feel most alone, where we least expect it to reach us. “Solo” bridges between those themes and those of the forthcoming single “Grace of God,” due out at the end of the month (presave it now at

All of it feels like a natural expression of where Grace is right now. The songwriter shares, “I’m getting to the point where I get to tell you where my healing is coming from. I get to tell you I’m bringing you along on my journey. And ‘Solo’ is a really fun realization of, ‘oh, I’m not alone. Now that I’ve had this breakthrough, He’s going to change my life.’ My favorite line is the bridge: You don’t have to pull yourself together.”

It’s a message that Grace Graber can sing with conviction. As someone who has been outspoken about her mental health and the way music stopped her from committing suicide as a teenager with PTSD, she has seen her fair share of lows. But she is continuing to use the music that was instrumental in her own healing to extend healing to others.

“I’m still finding healing and every day gets a little better. And for me, the healing is going to be found in the grace of God,” Graber concludes. 

Stream “Solo” now at, and watch the lyric video on YouTube. Presave “Grace of God” at For more of Grace Graber’s journey, follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Find additional links at

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