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Tooth & Nail Records is pleased to add My Epic to its global roster. The band — Aaron Stone [guitar, vocals], Tanner Morita [guitar], and Nate Washburn [guitar, bass] — was formerly signed to Facedown Records. They’ve shifted and grown, and their sound accounts for lots of lived experience.

The band will release its label debut (and fourth album overall) Loriella on June 28. Pre-order it here.

Loriella is a record about progression, joy, and the confidence that can only grow after the loss of innocence,” the band states. “It’s the soundtrack to a hard-won optimism that comes from a commitment to living with ‘open hearts and calloused hands.’ Massive in dynamic, with intention in every detail, we’ve never worked harder and can’t wait to share these songs.”

The time to share these songs has arrived, as the band has dropped the video for the expansive, room-filling, and darkly atmospheric first single “Northstar.” Watch it here

We don’t keep the peace, we make it,'” the band says, referencing a key lyric in the track. “‘Northstar’ is a future forward production of a classic My Epic formula: Powerful melodic hooks, interspersed with moody dynamic shifts, all culminating in a massive ending. It’s a song about how making peace with the past is the most powerful way forward.”

“Late Bloomer”
“Old Magic”
“In the Air”
“Phantom Limb”
“High Color”
“Red Hands”
“Make Believe”
“Heavy Heart”
My Epic tune into this moment of reawakening on their fourth full-length offering and Tooth & Nail Records debut Loriella. Balancing waves of warm distorted fuzz with lush melodies and cinematic production, the group make the kind of music that rouses the senses and might just encourage you to open your eyes, mind, and heart a little wider.

“The record is about having lived long enough to lose your innocence and still being able to find joy, hope, peace, and faith,” explains Aaron. “I can be a critical person, but there’s a difference between being critical and cynical. I understand why people end up choosing cynicism, because sometimes it can seem like the best way to make sense of all the data in the world–but I think cynicism is death. It’s part of my aim to fight cynicism at every turn. The album is about discovery and re-engaging life with purpose on new terms of your own.”

Throughout the past two decades, the band have quietly, yet consistently engaged a devout fanbase with a simultaneously anthemic and intricate approach to alternative rock. They’ve progressed across the likes of I Am Undone [2008], Yet [2010], and Behold [2013]. The latter notably catapulted onto the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. Generating millions of streams, their catalog expanded with fan favorite EPs such as Viscera [2016], Ultraviolet [2018], and Violence [2019]—which HM Magazine hailed as “a blend of indie-alternative enchantments.” Meanwhile, Cory Brandan of Norma Jean lent his voice to “White Noises.” During 2020, the band signed to Tooth & Nail, turning the page on another chapter as they set their sights on their first full-length since 2013. In between, life happened as band members became dads and moved around personally and professionally. 

For the first time, Nate assumed the role of primary producer, and Loriella materialized over the course of two years in three different studios. Along the way, they nodded to early inspirations such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, and Third Eye Blind. 

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