HARPAZO: Release New Video

Harpazo just released a new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVxA6Lu1-VQ

If you’re not familiar with Harpazo, check out this information:

super-group was formed with legends of Christian metal and progressive metal by guitarist Marc Centanni and Producer / Songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Gary Wehrkamp. Their goal was to create a science-fiction thriller rock opera called Harpazo: “The Crucible”. Featuring elements of progressive/power metal with symphonic and industrial undertones, and a hint of Celtic influence, the album features four 8+ minute monster progressive epics. The music was meticulously planned to compliment the lyrics and story.

Featuring members:

DC Cooper – Royal Hunt

Gary Wehrkamp – Shadow Gallery / Ayreon

Mark Zonder – Fates Warning / Warlord

Les Carlsen – Bloodgood

Rey Parra – Deny the Fallen / Sacred Warrior

Christian Liljegren – Narnia

Michael Drive Lee – Barren Cross / Worldview

Niklas Kah – Lords of the Lost / Flaming Row

Lee Lemperle – Outside the Wall

Bruno Sa – Operation Mindcrime

Enzo and the Glory Ensemble band

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