STRYPER: Releases Acoustic Album

Stryper fans asked for it!  And the band listened! They are very excited to announce that To Hell with the Amps, their acoustic album, is now available on streaming services everywhere.   

This album was previously released as a very-limited CD/DVD.  It sold out instantly.  So the band went back in and did a Dolby Atmos remaster/remix of the album, and all new artwork.  

ALSO – Not only will this be available on streaming platforms but we will soon be announcing the release of Vinyl, CD/DVD, and Cassette.  Yes, you read that right.  Cassette.  Oh – let’s talk about the video – the BluRay video has been upgraded to 4K for this release.  

There are so many exciting things to come with this release. Stay tuned here and at

We are looking forward to taking this acoustic album on the road starting May 30.CLICK HERE!

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