Western Australia’s A Sight In Veracity Unveils New EP
“Trivial Imagination, Pt. 1” Out September 7    

Never content with settling for the status quo, Western, Australia’s A Sight In Veracity is back with a genre-destroying seven song EP, “Trivial Imagination, Pt. 1.” The duo perfectly mingles together unlikely components of indie rock, vapor wave, pop sensibilities, and crushing metal segments. Citing influences like Loathe, Life On Venus, Invent Animate, and other similar artists, they strive to tear down musical boundaries and create something truly distinctive.

“…An experience of ever-changing moods and expressions. The lyrical content is relatable to many.” – Triple J Unearthed

You can purchase or stream “Trivial Imagination, Pt. 1” from A Sight In Veracity now right here.

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Check out the official teaser video for “Trivial Imagination, Pt. 1” from A Sight In Veracity! 

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