MALACHIA: Wade Little Talks Reissue & History

Talking with Wade Little of Malachia

Roxx Records is reissuing the Malachia album Under the Blade, and pre-orders are happening now! Originally released on vinyl record and cassette in 1986, one of those original copies sells for crazy money these days. The reissue quantities are limited, so do not sit on this too long, or you’ll get stuck with crazy prices again in the near future.


Aside from 1986’s Under the Blade, the band had a full length album in 1987, Red Sunrise. They also provided the opening track, Runaway, on California Metal II in 1988, under the band name Vision (not to be confused with the Florida band by the same name, obviously). The band did no other formal recording after that, and eventually dissolved.

In 2018, Roxx Records released Red Sunrise: The Complete Anthology, which contains pretty much all band recordings, released and unreleased, from the band’s founding, thru the new vocalist recordings at the end. A real gem of a release for us fans. As expected, it has since sold out. So, to now have a remastered reissue of this first release forthcoming, especially on vinyl again, is a real treat for sure.

I recently caught up with founder and bassist Wade Little to discuss the band’s history, the coming reissue and more. A great walk down memory lane of a time when so much great Christian rock and metal was getting released.

Don’t delay, order today from Roxx Records before they are GONE!

Malachia - Under the Blade

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  1. Hi Jeff, Ken Pike here. Just got done watching your interview with Wade. Wow, brought back a lot of memories I must say. It was good to see Wade. I haven’t seen him since way way back when. He was right when he said I look back and wish I’d done things differently. I should have stuck it out and carried on but, I was young and stupid. We would have put out an incredible third album I have no doubt. Runaway was the direction we were heading in and we had a bunch of really good songs in the pipeline. As far as reuniting or releasing a couple of new songs…I’d personally be up for it. I continue to play and write (Absolon, Firesphere and most recently Blutlaich). And now days, you can record quality albums long distance via the computer. So, it’s possible. At any rate, it’d be fun but, it would only happen if Wade was up for it. Not my decision. Anyway, thanks for the interview and giving the reissue a plug. Malachia owes Bill a ton of thanks and gratitude. He’s single handedly put the band back in the consciousness of potential new fans.

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