Haunted No More Volume II is out now on Roxx Records.  For those not familiar this two man project features the musical prowess of Myles Barfield on bass guitar, percussion, drums & keys and Dale Thompson on vocals.  Roxx really had a lot of courage in putting this out as the niche for this style of music is extremely narrow.

This is not a heavy metal album or even a rock album.  It is extremely atmospheric, minimalist in it’s tone and feel. Honestly it’s quite haunting, perhaps the soundtrack to a foggy rainy day.  Imagine sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of java in a thick sweater while it rains outside over looking a forested landscape or ocean view.   Music for reflection and allowing one to clear out the distractions from the outside.  This a piano driven affair.

Dale Thompson provides the lyrical overlay and while some of the lyrical arrangements may not fit the melodies perfectly they furnish the meditations and brain food for the listener.  Themes of praise, despair, repentance, not to mention tragedies in life such as Alzheimer’s.

This is a release for those who want that departure from the usual and typical musical fare. You can choose to use it for the background or take the time to dive in the piece of art and get lost in the journey.  Either choice will be highly rewarding to the adventurous.  Check it out!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking a listen. While many do not really “get” what Dale and I are doing on this project, based on your review… I think you nailed it. -Myles

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