DECAYING MARTYR: Releases New Single

Decaying Martyr Release New Single and 7″ Picture Disc
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Grinding thrash / death metal insurgents Decaying Martyr are back with their third single and a gloriously gory 7″ picture disc vinyl. The band is the side project of Thomas Mong (aka Thomas Dispraised) of punk group Dispraised. The project is made up of many members of the Christian death metal and punk scenes.

“Rotten Disposition” is the new single and Thomas elaborated on its subject matter.

“‘Rotten Disposition’ was written to express the dark inner thoughts that come through the act of ‘hatred’… The lyrics to ‘Rotten Disposition’ take listeners on a dark journey through the mind of someone who is locked in hatred and anger… The final lyrics, ‘exposing (my) flesh for what it’s made of’ means, ‘Exposing my own spiritual flesh.’ ‘Sin and death bleeds from my pride’ means ‘My flesh leads to sin and death and it’s root cause is my own pride.’ It’s dark for sure… but I wanted to truly capture what hatred is and what it looks like through descriptive verbiage.”

“Rotten Disposition” from Decaying Martyr is available now to purchase here.

You can also find the song on your favorite streaming platform like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more.  

Now you can get Decaying Martyr’s first 2 singles on 7″ lathe-cut vinyl. “Vile Repulsive Death” collects “Unholy Cremation” and “Lead To Hell” in one limited package. Each side of the record features different artwork for each of the songs.

Each vinyl purchase comes with a digital download

You can order the limited edition 7″ picture disc “Vile Repulsive Death” now here


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Watch Decaying Martyr’s Official Video For “Rotten Disposition” Now!  

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