ELEMENTS OF ROCK: Announce 2023 Lineup

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18th Elements of Rock Festival

So actually it’s the 17th edition that we’re catching up on from 2020. However, if you include the one-day event from 2022, the 18th
Unfortunately, the American cult band Bloodgood can no longer be found in our lineup, as two of their members have died in the meantime and their activities have therefore ceased. For this we were able to engage the up-and-coming Englishmen from Wytch Hazel, who merge inputs from the 70s, hard rock, heavy metal and folk and play them up-to-date. Also worth mentioning is Majestica from Sweden, with former Reinxeed and Golden Ressurection guitarist Tommy Johannson (now better known from Sabaton) thrashing the strings. They celebrate symphonic Power Metal which is hugely popular at the moment.

The Elements of Rock is an annual rock and metal festival that takes place in the spring, where twelve national and international bands from all styles of heavy metal perform on Friday and Saturday evenings. Various workshops and services are also held during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Information on tickets can be found at www.elementsofrock.com/tickets. There will be enough tickets available at the box office.

Facts about the Elements of Rock Festival 2023
Date: Friday 17 March to Sunday 19 March 2023
Venue: Stadthofsaal, Theaterstrasse 1, 8610 Uster (Switzerland) www.elementsofrock.com

Artists on Friday March 17th

Crystal Ball (hard rock/melodic metal, CH) Freakings (thrash metal, CH) Angelic Forces (heavy metal, NL) Dreams in Fragments (melodic metal, CH) O.L.T.A.S (doom death metal, NL)

Artists on Saturday March 18th

Wytch Hazel (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, UK)
Majestica Symphonic Power Metal (SWE)
Millennial Reign (Power Metal, USA)
The Weakening (Death Metal, SWE)
Sacrificium (Death Metal, DE)
Triuwint (Melodic Black Metal, DE)
In Oceans Deep (Post-Hardcore, CH)

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