We Are Resolute have released their second album entitled ‘Only Human.’ This, their second release for Roxx Productions, shows musical development with a bit more finesse in the arranging department.  Many of the production elements however, remain the same.

W.A.R. bring a solid old school melodic rock/hard rock bit of whimsy.  Fans of 70s and 80s hard rock will find more than a few memorable songs here. The title track delivers a memorable chorus that definitely sticks with you.  ‘The Waves’ is a more acoustic based song that really has that 70s rock feel, very memorable. ‘You Love Me’ starts off with rather low key introduction but builds immediately into a dirge mid pace track, something akin to Daniel Bands ‘Paradise.’  Melody abounds here without shame and that is a good thing.

Dale Thompson leads quite a guest cast again.  Not only does Dale provide the majority of the vocals here but Chaz Bond provides lead vocal on ‘Light of Day.’  However other guests of note include Tracy Ferrie on bass guitar, Troy Thompson on cello, Michael Feighan on drums and Kenneth Rasmussen on drums.  This is in addition to the core of  John Mokma(drums, guitar), Bryan Carman (guitars), Lydia Carman (keys & vocals). 

Perhaps my largest issue is that the electric guitar comes across incredibly thin and processed.  This is not a comment on talent or ability but perhaps the engineering of the instrument.  In rock or hard rock its the engine that drives the machine and it just doesn’t quite push the load here.  The drums, bass, keys and vocals deliver admirably.

Looking upon the credits this appears to be one of the few bands Dale has worked with where he isn’t the primary lyric writer, in this case I don’t think he wrote any.  The credit goes to Bryan Carman in this case,  however Dale’s vocal performance is stellar as usual and Chaz Bond provide a brilliant contribution as well.

Fans of straight forward Christian rock will find this to be enjoyable.  If the guitar issue is not your issue you’ll find this to be quite edifying.  My suggestion in this regard really would enhance my overall recommendation of this release.  Copies can be had from Roxx Productions.